Processing time

It's processing time this week - have a few thoughts I'm mulling over. I keep weighing one side and then another, and then one again and another.

I think once all this is over I'll be level-headed again for a while with some added confidence in my ability to think for myself. But whilst I'm not there yet, I'll just keep on analysing and maybe writing a few bits here and there. We'll see.

Meanwhile: if someone keeps telling me I'm a bad person then I either believe it and feel bad about it, or not believe it and feel alright about it. Or somewhere in the middle. We'll see.

Unrelated to previous stuff: I was out at another SAR meeting tonight. What were you up to?

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  1. Mann, saatsin sulle meile mõnda aega tagasi. Tahtsin lihtsalt teada, kas said kätte?