Learn something new every day

I used to think that Terrible Two was about tantrums and screaming, but turns out that it's more about whinge, whinge, whinge, whinge, whinging where The Kid is frustrated I don't understand what he wants and I'm frustrated I don't understand what he wants.

Boy, would you please learn how to talk soon, please.

And turns out, glass is technically a liquid - okay, maybe not a liquid, but it flows, albeit very slowly. Old houses that have very old windowpanes - the glass is thicker in the bottom of the windowpane and thinner up top.

Same with bitumen: it flows.

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  1. My boy turns three in about three weeks and he can talk alright. But whining is still a preferred way of communication whenever he does not like something. And it happens a lot. And every now and then whining turns to tantrum.

    The joys of motherhood :)