Continuation in the series "Life with The Dog"

It's very well when a 2-year-old kid and a young lab keep on trying to get into the bathroom when you're busy doing your stuff there, but I can clearly see how the following situation doesn't quite fit the bill of "acceptable" any more.

Namely, picture yourself as a guy leaning above a toilet bowl somewhere, unzipping your pants, getting out what needs to be got out and starting to tinkle - and then picture The Dog suddenly appearing from behind you, sticking her head between your knees and hungrily starting to lap up what's flowing into the toilet bowl.

There's definitely a locked bathroom door policy in our house now.


  1. Glad I didn't have a hot chocolate in hand when I read that! You just can't explain some things to pets.

    1. Glad you're amused. I was amused, too =)