A choking toddler

Many times I've learned about it on first aid courses - and today I got to do it, in real life, on my own son.

A choking toddler.

It was automatic, no "What do I do?!" sort of stuff - just kneel, leg out, baby on it, tummy down, hand between shoulder blades, massage up, push. At one point I did think, alright, if it's not coming out, ten more seconds and I'm hanging him upside down - but out it came, partly, and from there onwards it was simply about helping him get the rest of it out.

And afterwards I remembered this, too: when he starts crying, he's breathing. Good job, mom!

He cried and I hugged and I was grateful he was crying, loud and strong. You're breathing, I said to him, breathing. It's alright to cry. Cry, my son, cry, because it means you're breathing. Cry.

Thank you.


  1. I´m amazed that it sounds like the first time for you! My "I love eating so much I have to put everything you give me in my mouth at the same time" - 1-and-(almost)-a-half-year-old has given me that scare numerous times. Twice really bad. I´ve maganed to get stuff out with my fingers though. A bad scare every time. No unsupervised eating for us!

    1. oh, this wasn't the "cough-cough-cough" sort of choking - this was the sort where he wasn't making any noise at all at first, but was just standing there, arms waving and eyes bulging, mouth open; so either a full or a close to full choke. i did go in with my finger, but that was when bits started to come out already and when he was half-coughing and half-crying.

      so you say you've had that before, several times? a full choke? geesh... my condolences.

      i'm aware that if he's done it once, in all likelihood he'll do it again, but heck, i'm not looking forward to that and if you've done it several times already, it's, like... geesh.

      and ps: are you, like... "my daki"? because if you are, it is so weird seeing you write in english, lol =D

  2. Yours truly! That´s why I never comment - feels weird to comment in estonian when your blog is in english and it also feels weird to comment in english (not to mention how rusty it is lately)...hence..no comments :P

    But yes, I have had my fingers deep in his throat twice. He has sat on my lap and eaten something and at one point I realise he isn´t talking/breathing and when I look at him he has just eyes wide open and has turned his head away. Now I already now that when he is really quiet and starts to turn away or act weird then it´s trouble. I´m not fit to assess how close to "very big trouble" those situations have been but they also haven´t been just coughs, that´s for sure. Thankfully the situation has always resolved quickly, with my help stuff starts to come out and after a bit of shock-crying everything has been back to normal.

  3. although I just started to realise you have two dakis :D

    1. jah, kaks dakit, aga ma kutsun ainult ühte "minu dakiks" - teine on "blogidaki". isegi härra kutsub sind "your daki" ja teist dakit kutsub "blogging daki" =)