Wear where?

I have this favorite fleece, alright - technically stolen from The Man, but I liked it and it fit me and now I'm wearing it almost all the time because it's functional.

But here's the thing: I can either wear it at home or I can wear it to places where I need to look presentable, and I can't do both because at home it gets covered in baby snot and pumpkin puree and all sorts of other things inflicted by parenthood. And these things don't rhyme very well with "presentable".

Each week when my fleece comes out of the wash, I have this little discussion in my head: where would I like to wear it this week? Would I like to be cozy outside of home, or at home? Sometimes I make a deal with myself that I'll wear it outside for the first few days and in the end of the week I'll have it at home.

This - this is the sort of a thing that never happened before The Kid and The Dog.

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