Updates from the medical field

So, have spoken to the doctor again. It's now looking like it's either absent seizures or - wait for it - some common Joe, middle-ground, housewifey panic attacks which come unconnected to daily activities and simply present themselves as a sign of some "background stress" which sounds very similar to "There's a two-year-old kid and a four-month-old puppy in my house".

So, yeah. Don't even know which option to root for now =P

Basically, if you suddenly go weird and start looking fainty and cannot really speak whilst it's happening and have no idea what's happening - and a cardiologist has given you a clean bill of health - then chances are you'll get "panic attacks" written in your medical chart. Awesome.

But on another, more cheerful note, and to repeat what I said to my doctor yesterday: look, I've had this thing since last July now and it hasn't actually done any damage. It's scary and unsettling when it happens, but as long as I stop my car if I happen to be driving, it doesn't really seem to do much, so as long as my heart's looking good now I don't really see much point in worrying about it.

Which is not to say that I won't worry because when I do get these bloody things it's hard not to, but at least I don't see much point in doing it.

And how's your weekend going? =)

PS. Does anyone happen to be selling their camera? I've put mine somewhere... safe, I think, because I haven't seen it in a week. So if I don't see it for another week or two I might be interested in buying one.

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  1. Have you taken MRI? Or has sclerosis multiplex been discussed? I know that SM usually isn't connected with heart, but inability to speak/move etc. is quite common with it.