For several years I've walked by old National Geographics in thrift shops and thought, one day when I have my own home - which then became, one day when I know I'm able to stay in one place - I will have a shelf with old National Geographics on it. And I'll walk up to that shelf, pick a topic I want to know more about, and read.

And I swear, every time I see this old shelf in this old cupboard now, I smile, inside.

I read up on Lake Baikal this morning.


I tidied the saucepans away into a cupboard and The Kid promptly dug them out again and started matching lids to pots.

And then I made pancakes. The Dog looked up at me, oh, so you're gonna be in this one place for quarter an hour? Right, I'll lay down in front of here then. Yup, I'll do that.

And then she started farting. Oh joy.

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