On upcoming snow

One forecaster said this (memorable) sentence that upcoming snow this week might be the worst Canterbury has seen in 20 years - and now everyone is quoting him. Including me here. (Because after everyone kept saying to me, "worst snow in 20 years" yesterday, I went and googled to see where the hell have they all picked that sentence up from.)

Well, I bloody well hope I can find my camera before it hits because I'd be very pissed off if I didn't get to get any photos of the thing when it arrives Thursday and apparently continues on through Friday. It'll be 20 centimeters down to sea level, they say; 40 centimetres above 200 m and we're sitting at 230+ here.

I'll go through our cupboards today and see if anything needs stocking up on. We've already got lots of tin food and other relatively unperishable food - because if you ask me, food that doesn't go off at all is probably not so much of a food, but rather an edible item, sort of like a tableleg might be edible if you're really, REALLY hungry, but I'm getting off the topic here - and water and firewood and candles. The only thing I'm missing is a sledge, but I bet I can turn my boogie-board into a sledge if I want to, and then try to aim towards areas without those prickly bushes that grow around the perimeter.

Either way, Thursday might be a day off work depending on how it's looking and Friday will most certainly be a day at home. Fingers crossed we'll have electricity throughout.

See you on the other side! (Of snow.)

PS. Oh, and don't you just love when Kiwis talk about bitterly cold winds and bitterly cold weather and bitterly cold temperatures - and it's looking to go down to about zero, or maybe -5 C. Amusing.

PPS. On the other hand, bitter is a relative term and relatively to what the summers are, 0 degrees and snow is probably effin' bitter for a lot of people... Sorry, guys. Keep warm =)

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  1. Enjoy the big snow! And I hope you do find the camera as would love to see pictures of the dog enjoying snow!