On internet. Again.

Oh for f*ck's sake...

Today the internet guy came 'round our place and installed his new system. His new expensive system. (The one, may I remind you, we had to get because the alternatives were either (even more expensive) mobile internet or not having internet at all.) (The latter which we considered.) (Seriously.)

And what do I get? I get a fancy-looking router with rounded corners and pretty lights - someplace there's a guy who wears tight jeans and a pink shirt who probably designed the thing - and the signal doesn't f*cking reach the back of the house, now does it.

I e-mail the internet guy saying so, to which he suggest I rotate the router and put it up on the table. To which I think: yeah, right, so it can get chewed/clawed/pulled/destroyed by a team of rascals ie a 4-month-old labrador and a 2-year-old boy. Tempting, but no, thanks, because then I will not only have no internet but I will also owe you money for destroying the said router.

He then suggest he rents me the old router at $x a month. To which I think: right, so the fancy router is included in the (expensive) monthly fee, but if I want that old router back I need to pay extra. You're awesome, man. It makes so much sense.

I know that in this instance it's not really the house's fault, but still - at this precise moment here I'd like to live in a house that's got phone cables, and town water, and electricity that doesn't blow the fuse if I put the toaster and the kettle on at the same time, and... you know, I want unhassled life.

What I have instead is that I'll probably get The Man to build some sort of a router-protecting, cable-shielding shelfy-looking thingy because somehow I have a feeling that this internet guy is really, really not interested in doing anything extra.

PS. I know that often people learn the most from the difficult clients. But as much as I enjoy the challenge of difficult clients, I don't want to be one.

PPS. What I feel towards this internet guy is: if I lived in a town somewhere, trust me, I wouldn't even consider using your services, let alone paying for them.

PPPS. These are such first world problems.

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  1. You can apparently get wi-fi boosters, cost from $100 and can take your signal and send it elsewhere in your home. We'll have to do that when our garage is built so I can use the laptop for sewing tutorials.