I can see bits of...

It's like we're re-playing scenes from the book "Marley and Me" around here.

You remember that bit where John Grogan was describing finding all sorts of things from Marley's poop - Lego blocks, plastic soldiers, grocery bags? Even down to his wife's beautiful necklace they knew Marley had swallowed and so John had painstakingly probed through Marley's poop for a whole week to get it back again?

Well, around these parts it's more like:

"Honey, I know she's been eating rubber underlay from underneath the carpet. I don't know where she gets it from, but I can see bits of it in her poop."

Bon appetit, in case you were eating whilst reading it.

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  1. I WAS eating, in fact :-D
    Have a great weekend !