I sometimes feel a little guilty - I know I shouldn't, but I do - knowing that if it weren't for Christchurch earthquakes I probably wouldn't be in New Zealand today. Or even if I were - it would be on much different terms, maybe planning a leave to... wherever. Somewhere.

I wouldn't have a dog. I wouldn't be part of SAR. And I definitely wouldn't be thinking in terms of where I'd like to live in the future because I'd be bound to Wanaka by my work permit and going through yearly immigration applications.

I can plan for a summer's holiday this year because of Christchurch earthquakes. I work a job where people are allowed time off in summer. (Summer!) My days off work are on a weekend. (Weekend! For family!) I have money that can be spent on holidaying - nothing fancy, but still.

So many great things in my life have been brought on by the same event that has hurt others. And as I keep on hearing/seeing/feeling the things that one will quite certainly hear/see/feel if one lives in/near Christchurch, I think: thank you.

It's by no means diminishing the hurt I can see in people's stories - I can see it's real to you - but to me, I am grateful.


  1. The earthquakes haven't been all bad, to be honest the worst part isn't the earthquakes, or even the damage done by them, it's the organisations that are supposed to look after fixing things that are the hardest to deal with.
    On the good side we all have a better connection to each-other, we all know we can survive adversity and we will look back on this and say to our kids "I remember...." and in that future time things will be better, and new people have come to our city who contribute to the rich tapestry of our lives.

  2. I agree with rachelle, the earthquakes were horrendous, but nature and forgivable. Eqc, not so much. But i am finding all kinds of silver linings all the time; the heightened feeling of the preciousness of life hasnt diminished in the years since the quakes and im so grateful for that. But other more unexpected things too-freedom from shopping-it used to be so easy to drift round the shops, now its hard to do i dont bother and it feels so freeing!
    Ps maybe aurora tonight...