Conversations with The Dog

"Oh, so you're gonna do dishes now? Cool, I'll lay here in front of the sink then. Mocha a good dog." ("Oh come on, dog! Do you really gotta lay here? Now?")

"Hey, I saw you! You threw some stuff into the compost bin! I'll go see if I can fish some of it back out again. Mocha a good dog." ("Cheers, you've brought banana peels onto front steps. Again. Why?")

"Banana? You gave The Kid banana? I want a banana! Kid, give me your banana. Now!" ("Leave him alone! Mocha, leave him alone! Go chew your own stuff!")

"Throw the ball! Throw the ball! The Kid's in the way? Ah no worries - I'll just run through him!" (Sound of a crying kid.)

"I bet I can lick myself out of this dog cage." lick lick lick "Dammit, doesn't seem to work." lick lick lick "Oh well, I'll just keep on licking it regardless." lick lick lick ("Yuuuuuk! It's covered in slobber! Ew....")

Life. With a dog. And so it continues.

Every. Day.

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