Brits say, Americans hear

I'm sorry to say but... I've lived with my, ahem!, British husband long enough now that all these British phrases sound fine to me.

Which is sort of a shame, because I do remember being baffled when a Brit said "How do you do" and I started telling him (something along the lines, "Yeah, okay, been a bit tired though because...") and he glazed over leaving me wondering, why the hell did you ask, mate, if you're not interested?

But have a read yourself, you might find it amusing.

"What we say: “Sorry”
What Americans hear: “I sincerely apologize.”
Saying sorry is like a national tic, which means we Brits rarely use the word to convey a heartfelt apology. This is baffling to Americans who will, on occasion, reply with something like, “Why, exactly, are you sorry?” “I’m not,” you’ll say, confused. “Sorry.”"

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