Still, internet or no internet

When our internet's going down, I don't know. Might be in 2 minutes for all I know. Might be before I finish typing this here. Might be tomorrow. Or mid next week sometime.

But what I do know is that decision to opt out hasn't come lightly. And by the looks of, opt out is what we'll do - or have to do.

Living without internet was NOT part of my plan when moving out here. And, by the way, I did check with Vodafone before signing the lease.

Vodafone reassured us oh-so-nicely that, yes, no problem, you're in our network area, just let us know a few days ahead of time and it wasn't until we were already here that they called us to say, oops, guys, actually, we can't connect you to broadband, your landline's too crappy. (Not really their wording, but that's what they meant, so I'll leave it at that.)

So we moved onto Netspeed that provides rural wireless broadband. Bit pricier - but functional - and we have been very happy with them. Until this past week, that is, when I got an e-mail saying that Port Hills 5Ghz network is being shut down and replaced with 3G RBI, meaning - upgrade and pay more, or lose your internet.

And when I asked, when is it shut down then? the answer was, this week.

To which my initial reaction was, oh s*it.

$120 a month isn't a dealbraker as such, but it is on the upper-upper-upper limits of what I think is reasonable to pay for internet at all. And as we stand, we are saving up for a home, and whilst we're doing that we're still paying all sorts of other bills - rent, cars, childcare, dental care, whatever.

Talking of bills: if we do opt out, $250 connection fee we paid in October to sign up with Netspeed will probably go up in a puff of smoke. Or will get pissed into wind, whatever analogy you're more comfortable with. Love when that happens.

So at this point I haven't made up my mind either way yet. But I do have a feeling that we might go on without internet, somehow, though I'm not sure how that's gonna work given that grandparents do want to see their grandchild on screen occasionally (as they don't get to see him and us live, face to face), and that I can't even look up... Oh, dear, I'm getting all tied into knots over this again, ain't I.

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