Shopping bags and slogans

I did some quick has-to-be-done repairwork on shopping bags tonight. Nothing special - half an hour behind a sewing machine and a few strips of fabric sewed on where the bags had started to rip.

As I was doing it, I suddenly thought: all these bags (and there were three) have messages along the lines of "Save the world" and "Make a difference" - you know, the usual green living yada-yada - and here they were, all three, made of polypropylene.

I've got cotton bags that are three times as old and there's no repair work to be done on those. They just keep on lasting, through use and washing machine and line drying. Most of them haven't got big green marketing slogans on them, they're just bags - made by people who have got sense.

And these three - ripping. Breaking up. And what happens to polypropylene when it's breaking up? Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know - nothing. It just keeps on breaking into smaller bits of, well, polypropylene, but it's still polypropylene. Whereas with that cotton bag, when it does eventually start ripping, I can throw it in the compost heap.

It just... doesn't make sense. Or does it?

Talking of cotton bags: a few weeks ago I sat down for some much needed Maria-time and made a cotton bag from those colorful fabrics Deb was handing out after her craft class. Different from whichever side you look at it, inside and out, and will hopefully last its owner ages. (I made it for a workmate.)

So yeah, that's the evening thought for today. I'm off to bed. Good night!

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