Oooooooooohhhh s*it.

Ooooohhhhhhh s*it.

5GHz wireless broadband service is being shut down at Port Hills. And not just shut down, but shut down THIS WEEK.

Why is it important? Because Port Hills is where we get our internet from.

And just in case you're wondering where Port Hills is...

There. That there is where our internet is from.

Now, if we lived in a bit of a, uhm, how do I put it now - modern building - getting internet wouldn't be a problem. We would just sign up for some traditional landline-based broadband. Easy.

But here's the thing: our house is old enough that we can't get landline-based broadband here - phone lines are too old, they can't handle it. (I think our house was built in the thirties and it really doesn't look like anyone's done anything to it in my lifetime.)

So far we've been happy users of wireless broadband that's beamed to our house through an antenna on our roof. Bit pricier than usual broadband, but, hey, at least we've got internet!

Whereas this news here is... geesh. I could possibly handle occasional e-mails on 3G, but I really, really don't want to put our entire traffic on 3G. Have you seen how much 3G costs?!

This is nuts.


  1. oh no, I hope that they are going to offer a cheaper alternative.

  2. Are you in range for these guys? - would be cheaper than 3G if you are.