On weekly instalments

An interesting thing happened today.

I heard a lady ask if she could please pay a $50 bill in weekly $10 instalments. At first I thought to myself, I wonder why? By the looks of it a comfortably middle class family, a house in mid-construction, three kids - why would she need to pay $50 in five $10 instalments?

And then it hit me: that's precisely why.

Three kids is a lot of love and laughter, but it's also a lot of money. A house in mid-construction means not only that there is enough money to have a house in mid-construction, but that there are also bills coming in - a lot of bills for a lot of money.

And then I suddenly had a tick appear in that mental checklist I've been keeping in my head, titled Pros and Cons of Having Two or More Children.

On the cons side it now says, I want my own home.

And I'm a little ambivalent about whether I'd like to be in a position where, when presented with a $50 bill, my first reaction is to ask, can I pay it in instalments, please.

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