A dog

I was late to work today because I was trying to catch a dog that would've otherwise been hit by traffic. The thing was a bit mental, sprinting on a narrow windy road where retaining wall blocked the view and so there were several drivers hitting their brakes followed by screetches. At no point did I consider not stopping because if the dog had been mine, I would've wanted someone else to take the time and catch her and call the council..

It all worked out. We - me and another woman - caught it, I stuck it in my car, called the council, I then drove to work with the dog in the back of my car, stuck the dog in a kennel for whilst I was at work and then went and dropped it off to its owner afterwards.

He doesn't know how it had gotten out.

I guess what I'm saying is, I did someone a favor and if I'm ever in a position where I need someone else to do me a favor, I hope it just gets passed on. And on. And on.


  1. Well done! Sometimes we have to get involved, can't just turn around and ignore it, today must have been that day for both of us.