Lots done, and yet lot more to do

I keep swinging between absolutely loving this house and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work it needs. Yesterday evening I broke down crying on the kitchen floor. Very charming.

Our back yard - and technically our front yard also, but at the moment I'll discuss only our back yard - has been sort of... derelict for the past, oh,  I don't know, four-five years. Possibly longer. It's got tall grass and bushes, and it isn't your nice I'll-trim-you-down-and-you'll-look-wonderful bushes either. It's a forest in the making.

I started hacking up the grass and cutting down the bushes hoping it'd become a nice little area where I can put the kid down without worrying he's going to find trash, nails and bits of glass, and where there isn't loads of thistle. But lo and behold, it wasn't meant to be.

You see, when I write that the back yard has been derelict, I really do mean it's been derelict. The grass isn't your average "get me a sheep and it'll be alright" grass. It is a thick tangle of years of dead grass interwoven with new grass poking its head through to get some light. It can't even be trimmed back in one go! I had to trim, then rake off the mess, then trim again, rake, trim, rake, trim, rake. Four times!

And now, after all this work, I can't even enjoy it much! Getting rid of the jungle on top revealed an absolutely miserable vegetation underneath. The dead-grass-and-s*it carpet had been so thick it had pretty much killed everything underneath it. I am looking forward to rain and warmth to get the greenery started.

And that's pretty much the story of the house at the moment. I keep on scrubbing, fixing, organizing, airing out, washing, but in the end of the day it still feels like it's the same old, same old. And I do, I do love this place for all the potential its got, but my, is this place tiresome or what!

And don't even get me started on how my husband's doing with my ups and downs on this topic. Poor guy.

My dog, the paradox

Now, it is probably way funnier for people who have a dog - or at least used to - but I bet you find it funny anyway. I laughed!

My dog, the paradox (theoatmeal.com/comics/dog_paradox)

Part of it looked like this. You'll find the rest at the link!

Good morning!

Two and a half weeks

It's been two and a half weeks since we moved in. Quite long two and a half weeks, to be honest.

Lots has been done; even more is yet to be done.

I planted half a dozen strawberry plants, helped by digging chickens - neighbors' - and a kid, as you can see from the photos.

We've sort of befriended a goat - also neighbors' - and set her up in our back yard, hoping she'd make a good lawn mover. We quickly learned though that goats aren't really grass eating creatures - rather, they are bush eating creatures, so Molly has done her best to meticulously eat leaves off our bushes and has simply left the grass alone. Oh well.

Then, two days ago, two little ducklings joined our family. It seems they'd been orphaned and our neighbors set them up in their bathroom, but since our neighbors already have their hands full with what looks like a zoo - two dozen chickens, two dogs, a cat, a goat, goldfish and a two month old daughter - then ducklings moved in with us and have stayed ever since.

Spinach leaves floated in water were a big hit!

Cut a little short by an attention-demanding son, I'll leave you with a few more photos now and go see what the kid's up to in his bedroom. Have a good day!

View towards Lyttelton from our front yard

A first visit to the house

Wow. I don't think I could adequately explain to you what this place is like even if I tried, not unless you came and saw it for yourself. We went to look at it yesterday - our new home up in the hills near Christchurch.

To say that it needs a bit of work would be an understatement: everything about that house needs working on at the moment. Like, everything - yard, fence, floors, windows. Everything.

But to say that it's got potential would be an understatement also. It is absolutely beaming with what it could be once we've spruced it up to our liking. Yeah, sure, it will probably take us a full summer before the house is done and another year before the veggie garden's going places, but, oh my, what a place it could be then.

I don't have any photos to show you at the moment apart from a little picture I snatched from the website the house is listed on. But bear with me. We are moving sometime next week and there will most certainly be photos of the place once we're settled.

Stay tuned.